SURDRY S.L.,Spain is one of the leading retort machine manufacturer and concentrate exclusively in the design, manufacturing and servicing retort machines for food preservation by heat sterilization and pasteurization after packaging. In 1983, we patented a process system that later became a worldwide known standard widely used and imitated because the extraordinary system efficiency in heat penetration and optimum energy usage with low operational costs. This great little company celebrates its 30th year of total and exclusive dedication to food sterilizing and pasteurizing. The name of Surdry is associated worldwide with quality and reliable autoclaves and the prestige of a small company has spread across the five continents.

Technological innovations in food safety

The new decade began full of new challenges with innovation being the key to tackling such important themes as the environment, food safety and healthy habits. Surdry is actively collaborating to achieve technological success while achieving these goals.

Oscillation or Rotation

Surdry has a proven track record in product innovation and technology development with over three decades of experience. Our steam/air technology with water spray homogenization has proven itself to be the most universal process method and is applicable to all types of products and packaging.
Our catalogue contains all types of solutions to match your individual needs. The range continues to grow but is always based upon experience. This philosophy guarantees the effectiveness and quality of our retort / autoclaves.