ASM Advanced Sorting Machines SRL., Italy is engaged in manufacturing of color sorting machine more than 30 years in the sector of optical-electronic sorters. ASM has a foothold in the market as a benchmark for the food sectors such as Rice, Dal, Wheat, Maize, Nuts, Spice, Seeds, Beans, breakfast cereal, Coffee, Tea, dry fruits, Frozen fruits & vegetables, Dehydrated onions & garlic, Dehydrated fruits & vegetables, etc., and non-food sectors such as plastics, ores, minerals & salt. ASM Advanced Sorting Machines SRL has supplied the color sorting machines in domestic and abroad for various applications and proved its technology and vast experience in food and non-food sectors.


LED lighting system
High Resolution and High Performance
Versions: Monochromatic, Double Monochromatic, Bichromatic, InGaAs and NIR
LCD touch screen
Remote diagnosis and control system
Very low maintenance cost